Capsule Collection

Enteric Capsule (Inner Capsule)

Vegetarian material (HPMC) is much more suited delayed release compared to Gelatin and does not need synthetic additives like phthalates that are common in Gelatin (non veggie) capsules that are much less suited to bypass stomach acid. Therefore, the Gelatin (non-veggie) tends to need an enteric coating that typically contains phthalates.

Manufacturer: PureCaps USA



Pullulan Capsule (Outer Capsule)

About our vegetarian pullulan capsules:

  • Are earth-friendly. No toxic chemicals involved. Completely natural and environmentally-friendly. 
  • Have a stronger oxygen barrier than gelatin or HPMC capsules. Any fillings sensitive to oxygen, such a Vitamin C, retain appearance and integrity 300 times better than regular HPMC and 8 times better than gelatin capsules. Pullulan is superior in protecting nutrients and APIs from oxidation, improves stability, and extends product shelf life, reducing your overall costs and potential over runs. 
  • Have strong visual appeal. These capsules are brilliantly clear and visually appealing
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