Third Party Testing

Great news, our test results for our capsule collection finally came in and we are very excited to release the positive news to our valued customer. The probiotics enumeration exceeded our expectations and are now already in production process.
Third party tested through Dr. Heidi Wright Ph.D with AEMTEK (accredited certificate number 3069.01) Lab ID #167620. Certificate of Analysis 22051556.


Microbial analysis of food and beverages is recommended for the prevention of foodborne illnesses, quality control, and compliance with FDA and USDA regulations. These tests enable Ohbiotics to monitor our probiotics in order to prevent microbial contamination, which, if not detected in time, may cause product loss through spoilage as well as pose serious health risks through food poisoning.

Probiotic product testing has become vital to Ohbiotics success in this booming market.

Probiotics are rapidly expanding in popularity among the food and beverage industry due to their health benefits. As a result, Ohbiotics is looking to ensure the potency and purity of the probiotics. Thus, it has become increasingly important for Ohbiotics to have data to support the identity and viability of our probiotics.

Aemtek's team of microbiologists and researchers provides probiotic testing services to:

  • Assess Viability through Precision Culture Methods

    Organisms must be alive and in sufficient numbers to deliver their probiotic effects. AEMTEK's precision culture methods enable to target specific probiotic microorganisms. Thus can determine the quantity of live and healthy individuals – or colony-forming units (CFUs) – that exist in Ohbiotics probiotics.

  • Confirm Label Claims through Species Verification

    Ensure the authenticity and quality of Ohbiotics probiotics by confirming the identity and quantity of claimed probiotic organisms. This can be used for the verification of label claims. AEMTEK uses DNA sequencing, metagenomics, and whole-genome sequencing methods to confirm the presence of target probiotic microorganisms in Ohbiotics.

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