Food Poisoning On Vacation?

How to avoid pho*king yourself with food poisoning on vacation

Travel restrictions are becoming more lenient and countries are opening their borders for travelers this summer. However, one common issue we all face on vacations appears to be the dreadful… food poisoning





Food poisoning is like traveling. Traveling diarrhea which can be contagious. haha. It’s like traveling because there is no instant solution, but to just wait it out till you get there. “There” meaning either your final destination or by food poisoning terms, your body’s state before the wreckage.





Far far away… away from WFH and COVID restrictions, I took a trip one time to Danang, Vietnam. Let me tell you… I didn’t even get to pho-king eat pho!!! Not a single meal was eaten in Vietnam during my stay at the resort which was “Awarded by the World Travel Awards 2014 as the World’s Leading Luxury Resort, InterContinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort.”






I made the rookie mistake of eating shellfish before my flight in the airport and when I arrived in Danang it was already midnight so I plopped right into the comfort of the luxurious 10000000 thread count sheets. Only to wake up to… feeling like I got hit by a truck!


What does food poisoning feel like?

Food poisoning feels like you got stepped on and stabbed and repeatedly shot in the stomach with a flaming blowtorch firing in your behind. It basically feels like you have been defeated. Projecting fluids from both ends and having absolutely no hope for any kind of treatment. Food poisoning: 1. You: 0.



How can we treat food poisoning when we have it?


You can’t.

Till now, there is no such sorcery or voodoo spell cast which can treat food poisoning instantly. Although there are many claims of ‘treatment remedies’ on the internet, you probably won’t have any luck with them. Why would you try to treat something when you can simply just avoid it in the first place? Don’t risk it, just prevent it.

“Research has shown that people can prevent and recover from food-borne illness with foods and supplements containing probiotics or healthy bacteria. Foods rich in probiotics include some dairy products, such as live yogurt and kefir, and fermented foods, such as sauerkraut.”


So you’re saying there IS a preventative measure for food poisoning?

Yes, there is.

However, it’s pretty logistically impossible to be able to carry those fermented foods across borders without spoilage or confiscation. That’s why there’s the probiotic capsule and it’s made to survive.

Probiotics act as a barrier for all the pathogens and bad bacteria that come into contact with your microbiome. They strengthen and multiply with added prebiotics to maintain a healthy equilibrium to prevent and fight against food born illnesses to occur.


Follow this 3 step process to have the best vacation of your life

  1. Avoid eating any kind of raw or shellfish foods in the airport

2. Take daily supplemental probiotics and pack some to take throughout your vacation

3. Purchase high quality curated probiotic supplements that contains 200 billion CFUs (high potency), 18 targeted strains, and added prebiotics (strengthening probiotics).


Probiotics not only help with preventing food poisoning but also relieve constipation, bloating, or even yeast infections which are common symptoms that occur when flying.

Bon Voyage!

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