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What’s Causing Men To Join The Pro-Life Movement?

The pro-life movement appears to be a rising topic discussed amongst women facing these issues that resonate to them on a personal level. Misinterpretation and misinformation seems to go hand in hand with the representation of mass media. However, men seem to be catching on and showing willingness of support of the movement.

Pro-Biotics Life Forms

“The International Scientific Association for Probiotics defines “probiotics” as “live microorganisms that, when administered in adequate amounts, confer a health benefit on the host” [1]. These microorganisms, which consist mainly of bacteria but also include yeasts, are naturally present in fermented foods, may be added to other food products, and are available as dietary supplements.”

“In females, iron supplementation was more prevalent than in males” because only females have periods therefore we supplement iron for the loss of iron contained in our blood. This is a case where women take a specfic vitamin for their specific need.


So what makes probiotics have a specific gender target market?

There’s no scientific data showing that women should be the only ones benefiting from probiotics, but this seems to be the widely held misconception. As hair loss and balding can be equally as frustrating for both women and men, Rogainewhich is a product for hair loss, is marketed specifically and exclusively for men only.


Do not underestimate the power of hair.

Why is that so?

It’s just a matter of data science in business marketing. (Statistics showing the ratio between the gender who would utilize the product more) It’s all in the numbers. Simply, its just a calculated targeting strategy in marketing segmented to men.

Don’t believe me? Take look at the ingredients.

The same active ingredient minoxidil is used in hair loss products for a company that differentiates their product line based on female and male. Essentially, minoxidil is the main ingredient used in both male and female hairloss products resulting the only difference in packaging. (Tip: this hair growth product works effectively if used proactively. Save yourself money when buying a specific brand name. The generic Kirkland brand works just as well.)





Intuitively, you would know by now that in this case, isolating the gender for a product is a marketing tactic (although there are some products that should be used with caution). However in these 2 cases, gender should not be attached respective to a product.


Although heavily saturated in the female demographic segment that probiotics contain benefits for the vaginal flora, they’re not a single faceted asset. Probiotics are linked to a profusion of cause and effect solutions for health and wellbeing. Not only for women, but also for men as well. As the demand for probiotics is expeditiously rising, men are initiating to join the movement of taking control of their health.


As a male or female,


you’ve probably experienced one of these symptoms such as bloating, excessive gas, low energy no matter how much caffeine, brain fog, diarrhea, constipation, yeast infection, dental plaque build up, yeast build up on tongue (bad breath), slow metabolism, acne, eczema, fatty liver, or even depression.

The one stop shop: Probiotics are a great way to help regulate your metabolism and digestion which will elimiminate bloating, excessive gas, and irritable bowel syndromes (constipation or diarrhea.) Probiotics can naturally boost your energy and clear your mental brain fog which associates to a happier mind and mood (gut-brain axis). They can also help with female related issues in the vaginal flora concerning the overgrowth/imbalance of yeast and issues related to fertility.

This is why Ohbiotics came to life as a probiotic life form existing as a probiotic supplement that will help you feel better regardless of male or female. Ohbiotics understands when dealing with common ailments, there is no discrimination between different genders. So why should there be discrimination when it comes to probiotics? The only discrimination Ohbiotics stands by is the discriminating factor of the 18 medicinal strains formulated for specific benefits.



Ohbiotics featuring gender neutral product



It’s really amazing how with just one capsule per day, you can ingest one of the strongest probiotic (100 billion CFU) on the market and start feeling the results within the first 2 weeks. Say goodbye to uncomfortable days and hello to the new, healthier you.

We’re almost at the half year mark. What did you do this year for yourself that helped you move closer to the person you aspire to be?

It’s been a rough year but I’m so proud of you for hanging in there despite the things you’ve experienced, you’re making an initiative to invest in your health and wellbeing. Join the pro-life movement by choosing probiotics to jumpstart your movement whether it be in metabolism, digestion, bowel… or your movement towards health.


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Michelle is a CEO of Ohbiotics, USC Marshall Alumni, and a strong supporter of the Asian American community. She’s @ohbiotics on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Discord, and Pintrest.


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