Reducing Cholesterol?!

I accidentally found the way to lower cholesterol

The nutraceuticals industry is a field that isn’t regulated by FDA standards which brings up the skeptical conceptions for the average consumer which is why it’s important to run third party lab testing. I submitted a lab report and was pleasantly surprised with these results





First of all, what is accredited third party testing?


Third party testing is when companies send out samples of their MOQ product to accredited companies who’ve been certified by FDA standard, ISO/IEC, and ILAC MRA.


“In 2000, the 36 ILAC Full Members consisting of laboratory accreditation bodies from 28 economies worldwide, signed the ILAC Mutual Recognition Arrangement (ILAC MRA) in Washington DC, to promote the acceptance of technical test and calibration data for exported goods.”


Why it’s important to submit third party testing


Third party testing is important to obtain accurate, reliable analytical data, and solutions to ensure food safety, water quality and environmental health. Claimed ‘nutritional facts’ on labels are tested of respected validity.


Why it’s important for consumers to know proof of certification


It’s important for consumers to have full transparency of what they are consuming which builds trust for a brand and its’ mission statement.





Why you should only purchase products that prove third party testing


Many products on the market have false claims that do not meet the claimed criteria on their labels. It’s important to only consume products that have the certification to prove its’ efficacy.

A word from the CEO of Ohbiotics and Lab Report results


I started my company because I know the benefits of probiotics are limitless. I have personally felt the need to share the wealth of knowledge with the world with my product because I believe people are missing out. If there’s something out there that can make our life a littler better why wouldn’t we incorporate it into our livelihood? However, the problem with probiotics lies in the misinformation out there. Probiotics are beneficial in a higher dose because our microbiome contains billions of bad bacteria which is why we need to supplement even more billions of good bacteria to fight them off as well as provide us benefits. Different strains provide different benefits that target specific needs. There are companies out there claiming high number of CFUs which isn’t necessarily true as well as strains not being present in the mix.


Ohbiotics has partnered with AEMTEK accredited lab and Dr. Heidi Wright, Clint Pablo/Justin Chow, M.Sc in order to test for the 200 billion CFU count of live bacteria present and have confirmed to contain as claimed. As for strains listed, we have conducted a meta-genomics testing to isolate each strain and find new strains as well. In the testing process we came across a phenomenon of a strain (not listed on the supplement facts) called “Lactobacillus Oris.” This strain isn’t common in other probiotic supplements because probiotics have only recently obtained an increasing awareness of it’s beneficial effects.


According to a clinical trial study,


“one isolate was identified as L. oris and the experiment observation of probiotic capability revealed that the strain was a probiotic with excellent potential. The cell hydrophobicity, auto and co-aggregation properties in the intestinal epithelial cells were promising. L. oris indicates resistance to the majority of antibiotics as well as antagonistic activity against tested pathogen.


Furthermore, the strain demonstrated promising cholesterol-lowering properties based on cholesterol level and its ability to survive in the gastrointestinal environment.


These results reveal that L. oris has superior probiotic properties and can be regarded as a probiotic candidate, potentially opening new directions for future research into enhanced effectiveness and advancing biotechnological research in the food and dairy industries.” [1]





“Figure 6 indicated the cholesterol-lowering effect of the newly isolated probiotic strain L. oris. As a larger amount of cholesterol is the common physiological problem among people and the findings demonstrated very promising cholesterol-lowering activities. The probiotic L. oris can reduce cholesterol up to 90% depending on the concentration of cholesterol.” [2]





A simplified way to read this graph

The (left side) is the control milk and (right side) is yogurt culture with added L. Oris strain inside. For example if we look at the third example of “added cholesterol 25mg” we can see on the right side the recovered cholesterol levels reach almost as low as 0 mg.


Through accredited third party testing, Ohbiotics confirmed that Ohbiotic probiotics contains 10% of strain L.Oris in it’s 200 billion CFU count meaning that it contains 20 billion CFU of strain L. Oris on it’s own.



Stay tuned to find out more about the strains we uncovered.

“With high cholesterol, you can develop fatty deposits in your blood vessels. Eventually, these deposits grow, making it difficult for enough blood to flow through your arteries. Sometimes, those deposits can break suddenly and form a clot that causes a heart attack or stroke.” [3]

It is clear that strain L. Oris reduces cholesterol levels significantly.

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