Reverse 20 years of unhealthy eating with these simple tips and tricks

Here’s to taking one for the team and letting you all know the cream of the crop when it comes to health.





Over the past 5 years of my life (thanks to my addictive personailty) I’ve been caught up in a phase where I became obsessed with health. A great addiction to have but can be extremely excessive. On the flip side, it did allow me to ‘repurchase or pass’ up on a lot of products and gain intel on what really works from a consumer perspective instead of those overcrowed influencer community. I’m no influencer but I will humbly say that I can be very influential in things I know best.


(Let’s get it straight, I love to help people, but blatantly taking something and acting as if it was your idea is theft)





Although I never got into the whole affiliate marketing thing (I’m very lazy when it comes to extracirricular activities that I’m not whole heartedly passionate about), I probably should have for the amount of stuff I purchased.



Let’s cut through the chase and get to the good stuff.


If you’re like me, you’re probably very skeptical. So, I’ll just lay it out on the table with facts. After all, transparency is key.


I just checked my iherb account to count all the items I’ve purchased but I stopped counting for my mental health because I probably could’ve bought a car with that amount of money I spent over the past 5 years. Good thing I don’t drive. Speaking of not driving, let me explain why I choose not to. (I call it being sustainable)



So a little bit about myself:

I grew up in the most critically developmental years of my life in Hong Kong, the city which probably has the most efficient transportation system in the world. There was no reason to drive because walking was a culture and transportation was insanely convenient (like NYC subway system but much safer.)

During the time (2019), Hong Kong had iherb which was logistically the fastest delivery ecommerce platform similar to Amazon but Hong Kong didn’t have Amazon fast shipping at the time. Therefore, as a consumer I resorted to any ecommerce platform that could feed my insatiable appetite of online shopping.





Also, health food items were overpriced in the local grocery stores (although I was on a first name basis with all the health food shop owners) and only available in specialty stores. Basically, health food items were niche and not readily accessable (also since Hong Kong has a walking culture, carrying your groceries up hills and through intense humidty is not ideal.)

The only way you could get the best deals and niche health food items was iherb and the best part about it was that shipping took at most 1–2 days! No wonder I became obsessed with health! It was inevitable.





Through these past purchases, I learned so much through countless nights of staying up in bed reading customer reviews and researching through the web.




I ordered and tried so many products. I’m here to share the knowledge I have retained with you today:

Here are my top 10 favorite MUST HAVE products (and why):

  1. The thing you need most (skin, gut, bowel, digestion, metabolism)
  2. Took m*lly?
  3. Too much drinking?


4. Swollen ?

5. Bruised?

6. Finding happiness in your life without the stress

7. Brain function





8. Dry eyes and skin?

9. If you’re sick and immune system is low

10. Scared of diseases?

11. My all time favorite granola (be careful, very addicting)

12. My all time favorite protein powder (good for skin too)

13. Need to take a sh*t? (take 1 in the morning, 1 before bed daily)

14. The best mood


15. Low sex drive? (fertility, hormonal, testosterone issues)

16. Constantly indigested?

17. My favorite sunscreen (for days you don’t want to wear foundation, it feels like a primer)


18. Want to live longer?





If you want to know more, I have more supplements in mind that I want to share…



I’m the fairy god mother of pills and potions



You’ll just have to stay tuned.


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Michelle is a CEO of Ohbiotics, USC Marshall Alumni, and a strong supporter of the Asian American community. She’s @ohbiotics on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Discord, and Pinterest.


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