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Bought after being recommended by a friend

I purchased these probiotics after being recommended by a friend. I thought the probiotics are for women because of the pink bottle, but it's actually good for men too. I feel like my digestion and bowel movements have improved after just 1 week of taking these. I take them every day and now I feel the difference when I stop taking them. Gut health is really important and now I am a super fan of probiotics!

Bought 6 sets of the 3 pack gift set

I really see improvements in digestion, bowel movements and overall health. I get anxious when I miss my dose of probiotics. I’m a fan! Got bottles for my employees, friends and family because I want everyone to get healthy together!

Great Product

This is so different from all the pro biopics I’ve been using. This really worked on me and I’m very happy as I always suffer from persistent constipation.

The probiotics I use

I love Ohbiotics probiotics for my daily supplements. It helps me debloat especially before a cover shoot. I am so happy to have these apart of my lifestyle! YouTube video placeholder
Loving it so much

Initially bought this because its woman owned and the packaging is pink plus I love probiotics.. These work so well! My bloating and acid reflux is gone after taking these for 2 weeks now.

Loving this

My sister saw these online and sent me one for my birthday gift and I’m so happy she got them for me!! I looked online and the price isn’t bad at all! Ill definitely be repurchasing<3

Better than others

I’ve been using alot of different probiotics from Whole Foods which is super expensive and these ones are so much cheaper and the strains are higher!! Plus I love the whole branding and the pink!!!

Game changer

I got these online and honestly didn’t really think it would work for me but they’re SUPER GOOD!!! My digestion is soooooo much better now especially after a big dinner


Buying this brand because of discount at first. After trying the whole bottle, I really like it. I used to take different brand from Australia that also doesnt need refrigeration, since shipment to my country will take a while. But I start to switch to this one. It does the job of regulate my gut, immune and skin.

Good! Recommend it

My pimples were gone😊 I believe this is the product that removes my cystic pimples. Gut feels better. I recommended this to my friend and she was so grateful that her pimples subsided.

Like whoa

The most immediately effective probiotics I’ve ever found. I used to spend upwards of $50 per bottle on Garden of Life probiotics, and these are WAY more effective AND much more affordable. Get some!

High quality probiotics. Has helped a lot with my GERD and digestion. High microbiomes help my gut and constipation

Have been using this particuar probiotic and my IBS has improved so much thanks to thois prebiotic highly recommend

Another staple in my medicine chest. Excellent product and fantastic price!

Very excellent and good quality in front of the value

High quality supplements which I take daily. Glad that the discount applied!

Helps with my overall health and digestion. Great quality probiotic!

It helps my intestines to work more effective, i have toilet to go everyday since, and less mouth stinks!

Best quality/value of money Probiotics you can find on the market. You only need to take 1 capsule 2-3 times a week.

Excellent! Well sealed product! The quality is superior. Best consumed on empty stomach

I am taking over 10days. I feel better in my body.

Using it only for 10 days but I can already tell that my digestion is much better....

I take one tablet in the morning before breakfast. Good for gut health.

Very powerful probiotics. It does what it says. If you need billions of probiotics, this is the product for you.

Good for gut health

First time trying the probiotics from this brand. Yet to try. Hope it work well in my body.