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The Ultimate Wellness Package

The Ultimate Wellness Package

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Designed to be a nurturing and wellness gesture for those deserving of some special consideration and care, this array of bestsellers will surely impress and will help to make dear lovers, friends and family feel thought of and nourished. 

Gift set contains:

(1) 67 Billion CFUs Probiotic Supplements: Gray Edition

(1) 67 Billion CFUs Probiotic Supplements: Pink Edition

(1) V Spa Vaginal Suppositories 

(1) Oh! Gummies Sampler Pouch

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Each capsule contains

18 Medical Strains

Derived from non soil based organisms which contains dairy (but will not upset your stomach like regular dairy products because they are micro-organisms derived from the fermentation process) and tested on humans successfully through clinical trials.

Each capsule contains

67 Billion CFUs

Multiply with the additional component of the prebiotic mix which contains3 different fibers: XOS, GOS, and FOS.

Each capsule contains

2 in 1 Vegan Capsules

The capsules are shelf stable and do not require refrigeration. They are easy to swallow and stomach acid resistant made with double wall protection for the survival of the probiotics.